Winter Test, Almeria, Spain - January 22nd-24th 2006



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2006 World Superbike Championship



Three days of hard work were undertaken by the Winston Ten Kate Team at Almeria, in what were often less than ideal weather conditions. Apart the first day, which was mostly sunny and close to 18 degrees, the second and the third days were characterized by cloudy skies, which eventually turned to a few drops of rain in the afternoon of the third day. Nonetheless, each of the riders made the most of their opportunities, posting high lap counts on their new 2006 specification Honda machinery.


Ronald Ten Kate - Team Manager


"This has been our first test with 2006 material and I consider it a positive step for us. We have received some new electronic components which have proved to be working very well. The feeling we have is good, the times registered by our riders are all really remarkable and this gives us positive hope for the upcoming season. The main objective of this test was to give more confidence on the 2006 machines to our riders. The weather didn't help, but apart from that, everything went in the right direction."


Karl Muggeridge - SBK Winston Ten Kate Honda Rider - (best lap time 1'37.3 - total laps 151)


"I consider this a successful test for me. Everything went well and we had consistent progress in each part of the bike we worked on. Engine, suspension; it all seemed to be going better and better with each passing lap. This can only make me happy and confident for the season, which is about to begin shortly. The weather wasn't what we expected but thanks to my team we have used all three days of testing in the best way possible."


James Toseland - SBK Winston Ten Kate Honda Rider - (best lap time 1'37.7 - total laps 183)


"We have improved day by day. In the first day I lapped around 1'40, in the second 1'39 and in the third and final day I have reached 1'37. I still have to get to know my Honda better, but I already feel quite comfortable on it. I can feel the improvement every time I leave the box for another few laps. I am looking forward for the next test in Valencia where hopefully we'll find better weather conditions. That would help us a lot."


Sébastien Charpentier - SS Winston Ten Kate Honda Rider - (best lap time 1'38.5 - total laps 117)

"The first two days were quite good but the third has been really hard, just because of the weather conditions. Every time I left the box I found different ambient temperatures and this caused us to make many modification to the setting of the bike. Anyway, I am very happy because we made some good progress during these three days here in Almeria. It was good to find myself back in the great atmosphere created by the team, something which is really important for me. I am also happy with the work done with Pirelli tyres. I will surely have more motivation during the next test in Valencia on February 6th and 7th because we'll be going back to that circuit to race during the season itself. It will be really useful to gather as much information as possible so that we can be competitive when we'll race there in the third round of the world championship at the end of April."


Kenan Sofuoglu - SS Winston Ten Kate Honda Rider - (best lap time 1'40.5 - total laps 68)


"I lost the first two days of the test, but today has been really important for me to get back the right confidence on the bike. The lap times weren't bad at all and I am happy with the work achieved. The bike is very good overall and to me it seems really easy to ride. I am looking forward to getting back on it at Valencia for the last test of the preseason. Let's hope the weather will be on our side, not like today."
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