ALL Shook up!
March 2006
Check out what I've been up to between races.

Hi Guys, just like last year the first round in Qatar has come and gone but winter seems to still have its claws firmly in. I've just arrived back in Zurich yesterday, its 5 am, the snow is falling and I'm trying to scratch down on sheet of paper what's been going on over the last few weeks. I've obviously got a good case of jet lag ..!

Better strike while the iron's hot, otherwise Larry will be right on to me!

I guess it all began to unfold 2 days after arriving in Qatar at about 8 am Wednesday morning when I turned on my phone and received a very interesting test message from Isabelle. It read "Ryan couldn't wait, he was born last night. Very cute and healthy etc. etc." Ryan! Ryan who? No! Not possible! Yes, very possible! So the little fella decided he wanted out some 5 weeks early. I know I've not mentioned it to anyone about Isabelle even being pregnant let alone due soon, but we just wanted to keep it quiet and have a surprise. It turns out the surprise was entirely on us! After all the birthing classes I went to, preparations for the lead up and I was nowhere to be seen. Isabelle even drove herself to the hospital at 3 am! What a champ!

So you can imagine the look on my face or look less expression the morning before I throw my leg over the bike for the first time in Qatar.

By the second day of free practise and Qualifying at Qatar everything was rolling along perfectly, until my superpole lap that is. Well, the first half of the lap was spot on and the second half would have been too, if I'd made it that far.

Race day rolled the same way, I did manage to stay on how ever but we did end up with a problem machine in both races.

That night it was off to the airport to catch my plane to Oz for the next event. Roughly some 15 or 16 hours later of flying I'd arrived in Melbourne. Not feeling too great and the nice police officer didn't make me feel any better when he wrote me a ticket for 140.- bucks for using my phone in the car. Nice welcome home eh! Turd..! I then went straight to my hotel check-in and try and catch up on some zeds!

The next day was pretty quiet just a quick do with the newspaper in couple of photos then the rest of the day was mine. That night I went out for Japanese with the Corser's and a friend of ours from Victoria Matt Martin. 25 courses later we all climbed to our feet and stumbled of to bed after some 4 hours of eating later.! Its no wonder the Japs invented sumo`s.!

The next days I had some more press stuff to do, called into Oakley Head Quarters caught up with the guys and girls there and then finally it was off down to the Island which is approx. 2 hours drive.

I had to be there by 5 pm to meet a helicopter with some competition winners and then I was to show them a couple of laps of the race track in a HSV Holden car! It's the best or should I say the fastest road car that they make, it's pretty rapid, it looked even faster with the trick paint job it had. The strange part about the little tour around the track was that the only rules were, don't cut the corners and don't cross the white lines and drag shit on the track. Nice! So with no regard to any of the passengers I proceeded to go as fast as I possibly could, much to the enjoyment of my victims. It wasn't until we spun off into the field on the last lap that it brought it all home. That was the most fun I've had in ages outside of racing, it literally scared the crap out of me! I even had the old Elvis leg going! There weren't too many repercussions, but I did have to apologize and plead ignorance..

It was then down to the serious stuff!

 We'd had a whole lot of trouble all week-end trying to get it dialled in.

Qualifying went ok, 6th position which is not too bad; I did stay on in superpole this time round. The first race I had to retire with some drama's with the bike, the second race I got retired. I guess Lanzi was trying to square up the score between Ducati and me from last years little collision between James and me!

I know the Island has never been that kind to me but I never imagined that I would be walking away with 3 strikes.

So at this point of my journey, it's time to pack my bags and head back to Zurich and spend some with Isabelle and get to know my new son! Till next time guys! Later!  Karl




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