December 2005
Check out what I've been up to between races.

I know every time we talk I say it's been busy days and I gotta say it's not been any different this time round.

I had a test in Valencia for two day's which actually turned out to be only 1 day due to copious amounts of rain fell from the sky on day one. So by the time the dried out on the second day our huge pile of things to do had to be completely prioritized. We decided just to concentrate on the new tires Pirelli had brought which were different compounds and also construction changes. By the time the track closed at 5 I'd reeled off 85 laps, barely had time to take my helmet off but defiantly founds some interesting stuff. I guess we'll be double checking them in Qatar.

Later on that night I jumped in the rent-a-car with Ronald and Gerit Ten-Kate and we shot up to Barcelona where our flights were leaving the next day. My flight wasn't until 3 that arvo which gave me a chance to catch up with an old friend from Aus. Bretto.

He's a captain on this huge yacht and he just happened to be in town, so he invited me down for lunch with him and the crew. His misses lives in Barcelona so there's always a good chance of finding him not to far away. The boats 38 metres long which is bloody huge but I guess when you're out in the middle of the ocean it doesn't feel so big at all. I still wouldn't mind one though! Oh yer, it's up for sale if anyone's interested for a measly 12mill euro..Wholly shit.So I filled my belly, had a bit of a look around and then off to the airport.

A couple of hrs later I was back in Zurich which gave me a little more than 24hrs to repack my bags and jump back on another jet and fly to the SHARK Extreme for the weekend thank back to Zürich for another 24 hours and then finally head out to OZ with Isabelle. Which was just in time because the day after we left the temp in Zurich plummeted to about -10.. Brrrrrr.

Everyone thought I was nuts flying all the way down to Aus. for less then a week then turn around and head all the way back to Qatar. It was a bit of a mission that for sure but I really had to get my chassis straightened out!

So in less then one hour after landing in Aus. I was layed out on the massage table in my body mechanics house getting everything beaten back into position. The next 6 days was all about deep tissue massage and acupuncture and lots of sleep.

A couple of days later we decided to buy a couple of cruiser pushies Isabelle's bright blue and mine black with the big fat white walled tires. Our place is right on the beach so its pretty cool just to roll up and down the beach front and get were we were going without having to take the car every time. We even put a couple of gay baskets on the front so we can pick up the groceries as well. Nice!

The day we picked them up we decided to take them for there first test ride but the café we decided to go turned out to be a whole lot further then we thought. By the time we made it back home we not only had full bellies but sun burn and bloody heat stroke! So much for taking it easy..

I've now just arrived in Qatar and I've got a few days up my sleeve to get organized and get my sleep patterns squared up. The Hotel standard is pretty high here but also on price and security.. I guess it's because of the Asian Olympics which are on here at the moment. You barely can pass through the front doors of the hotel and your bags are being X-rayed as you walk through a metal detector, this is even before you make it to reception. Oh, I nearly forgot, as you enter the car park they check under the car if there's any bomb's...Anyway after you pass all that crap it's really relaxing and the staff accommodating.


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