Muggeridge confirms vertebrae injuries
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 Karl Muggeridge

Karl Muggeridge (Celani Race Suzuki) is recuperating at home in Switzerland after discovering that he had broken two vertebrae in a crash at Assen in April. He has sustained no neurological damage, and to all intents and purposes is leading a normal life back home. Muggeridge had been in pain after that Assen crash, but X-Rays done after the fall did not show any damage to his spine.

After another fall at Miller, in which he landed hard again, Muggeridge had an MRI scan back in Europe, which showed existing damage to his T3 (in the form of crushing damage and a fracture) and T7 (crushing only). After seeing a specialist in Zurich on Monday 8 it was confirmed that the injuries happened at Assen, with the crash at Miller luckily not complicating matters too much more, although obviously adding to the burden of pain and discomfort.

Said Muggeridge, "I have broken two vertebrae in my back, which is not good, of course. I knew it was sore in Assen but the X-Rays didn't show a fracture. One of the vertebra is broken and squashed, but there does not seem to be any disc damage, which is important for later life. I feel 100% better than after Assen, and the crash in America probably just reminded my body that it is not property healed yet. After my American crash all my muscles tensed up to try and protect my injuries. I had a not very comfortable flight home! I just didn't realize before then the extent of the damage that had been done."

As the injuries have had some time to heal, Muggeridge will be at Misano, where further medical checks and treatment will be made by the Clinica Mobile. Then he will have a better idea of whether or not he can return to racing at that round, or has to wait for more time to heal fully.

"I am going to Misano to see what the situation is and see what they reckon in the Clinica," said Muggeridge. "Other than my injuries, I am healthy, and just taking some painkillers. The good thing about going to Misano is that my team and I can make a final decision about riding and the Clinica Mobile has my X-Rays and so on. I will be there from Wednesday of race week, so the advantage is that I can get medical treatment every day I am there. It's worth going for that."

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